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Martin Skupinski

BallroomUtah Founder, Martin Skupinski.

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Ballroom Utah Dance Studio in Salt Lake City is the best Ballroom dance school. We offer a variety of group classes and private lessons taught by the best, most experienced, and highest certified dance instructors in the city.

Our dance classes include waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, Viennese waltz, salsa, rumba, cha cha, samba, mambo, swing, West Coast swing, jive, merengue, bolero, paso doble, polka, two step, and hustle.

Our pro-am dance competition program is one of the fastest growing in the USA. If you are contemplating participating in this fun, festival-like dance community we are the only place for you in Utah.

We extend an open invitation to non-dancers, as well, to visit BallroomUtah to enjoy our art galleries during regular business hours. Our art galleries create an atmosphere that continuously, inspire students and instructors, alike, to be the best possible creative dancers.